full worm moon

What does this Full Worm Moon mean for you?

In short, the energy of this Full Worm Moon (9th of March) is about looking within, acknowledging your emotions and taking a step back and rest by doing what you love (go play!). This moon’s energy is the perfect time to let go of negative beliefs and fears and replace them for positive beliefs and additional good juju.

This moons energy is urging you to do a little vision quest to open up your heart and allowing and acknowledging your emotions. What is it that you, yeah you, want for yourself? Start with this one before you move on to the next question. What is it that you want to do in life with or for others? Keep asking yourself the question and go deeper through that surface layer until you get an answer that makes you feel all tingly and/or warm inside. Or gives you that funny goofy grin or smile on your face.


And yes, it can take some effort to get there. Take a couple of deep breaths (and/or do some grounding beforehand). Go within your heart and observe. Do you still have some fears or doubts blocking you from what you want. If there aren’t any, whoohoo good for you! Still have a few lying around? This moons energy is the perfect time to let them go and make room for you to realize your ideas. Give your worries and unhelpful beliefs to the angels, the earth or even the moon. And tell the moon who you are and what you are going to have in your life. Mention what you want as it is already achieved.


The other message is ‘all work and no play makes……’ Yup, you guessed it: rest, patience and play. Working on personal development, doing all these things for others and additional everyday life stuff are important, but so are you! Take a little rest from that project you are on, you can’t change the world in one day. Don’t focus too much on that one thing, you know what I’m talking about, and get out of that tunnel vision and fog. Unwind, relax and do something for you. How do you unwind? Go dance, paint, sing karaoke with friends, go bowling… do something fun. What did you used to do when you were younger?

And last but not least. An example of a moon invocation that can help you on your way in what you want to manifest or strengthen in your life:


I release my worries to the Angels (or earth, moon) and ask the moon to shine it’s light and bless me on my path with the following:

I am love
I am light
I love myself
I enjoy life
I help others to enjoy their life
I share joy by giving the most amazing ……[fill in]..
I have financial abundance
I have everything for me to be successful in life
I am successful

Want some more insight in the themes of this month? Go here to listen to the Monthly Energy Focus of March or here: https://youtu.be/3Z3bs_CMeLE.