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Before I spread the love about what others say about the work I do,
I would like to thank each and everyone for your trust during our sessions. It is not always easy to open up to a stranger. So, thank you.

Feedback & Reviews

Thank you all for taking the time to write me a testimonial it means a lot.

” I just want to give big thanks and gratitude for the angel reading you provided me today and for the insights that you brought forward. I felt a connection with you while watching you do a reading in Corin’s group (edit: 7 day miracle challenge) and had to schedule an individual session. You have a bright light and kind and gentle spirit that made the reading less intimidating for me. I feel energized and better now that I have more confirmation that I’m on the right road.
Many thanks!!!
I Highly recommend you.


Florida , USA

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” Omg, I cannot say enough how awesome Nienke is at what she is doing. In our Session she challenged my core beliefs and kept me safe to be myself. She pulled cards for me that were amazing and exactly what I needed to hear. I recommend her if you need to heal from the past. She will clear your chakras, ground you, read your cards, dig for your core beliefs and tell them in a loving way to get lost and replaces them with new beautiful beliefs.

Not only is this young lady super talented ,she also makes it fun and carefree . ❤❤❤❤❤ I give her 5 stars as well as 5 hearts.
My new to go person 😊.  “


Kentucky, USA

I had a powerful healing session with Nienke, thanks to the belief digging and clearing she did with love and grace I received some great insights that she channeled and new positive beliefs! 

She was able to share very powerful messages and guidance from the archangels and gently helped me understanding how to apply them in my life. 

Her strength is in her positive attitude and approach, she’s a pleasure to be with, she’s professional and dedicated but also relaxed and fun, plus obviously connected to the higher realms. “


Berlin, Germany

” I recommend Everything!! I had a most heightened experience. The Angel Channeling and healing was so amazing. I felt totally relaxed. connected and open to receive. I’ve never had an experience like this before and I will be booking another session. Much love and gratitude!! Thank you so much!! “


Missouri, USA

” Such an awesome experience – the Angel Channeling and Healing was enlightening and for me confirmed things + reclaiming my body essence felt like a weight lifted from my chest – thank you! “


Ohio, USA

” She wrote very clear messages it seemed as though she had tuned in right where it was needed and brought through very precise messages. She even mentioned roaring like a lioness and didn’t know I am a leo! I highly recommend this lady!  “


Llandrindod Wells, UK

” I’ve known Nienke for a while now and in this time I’ve found out she has a calming and reassuring presence, but also isn’t afraid to speak her mind. Her channeling and readings are always ‘scarily’ accurate. Same goes for the cards she draws. If it doesn’t resonate immediately she will help you discover it within yourself. 

She gives all the guidance you need and supports you with her warm and caring personality. “


Groningen, The Netherlands

” Thank you so much Nienke ! My reading and healing was such an enlightening and peaceful experience. I was put to immediate ease by your friendliness it was like I’d known you for years, so easy to talk to you. My reading was on point and messages were comforting. The guidance you gave me throughout and after the reading was so much more than I expected.

I recommend everyone enjoy your readings! “


- , USA

” Nienke is always a joy to work with
she exudes joy.  “


Kentucky, USA

” I love how Nienke flows when she gives me a message. She is a very positive little power house and she totally makes u feel safe to be yourself. I recommend readings with her and she will be my to go to person for more healing from now on .  “


Radcliff, USA

” Do you want to share some love about the work of Wild Spirit Energy?
Please send a message here or to info@wildspiritenergy.com


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” To say that I just enjoyed working with Nienke would be an understatement!!! I felt major energy shifts during the initial grounding session especially in my sacral and crown chakras!! I felt tingles throughout my entire body as energy that was not mine cleared away and a warm hug of radiant light at the very end! I felt uplifted, happier and more bubbly than normal after she completed her work with Archangel Michael and Archangel Raphael to clear my energy body and to place a bubble around my aura! I would highly recommend Nienke to anyone! I instantly felt comfortable with her because of her calm, kind, compassionate, warm and friendly personality! She is an extremely powerful healer! I would highly recommend her to anyone!  “


California, USA

” It has been such a blessing to be able to work with Nienke! Her calming presence will immediately put you right at ease. You can tell she is someone who easily connects with the divine, and she will help you establish your own connection to the divine. Talking to Nienke feels like talking to your wise best friend. Her advice and channeled messages are always right on point

I can’t recommend her enough! “


Louisiana, USA

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