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GUIDED MESSAGES - Reading & Channeling

Chakra guidance and reading

Chakra Consult & Messages

Chakra's, a.k.a energy wheels of your body, hold a source of information and guidance. In this reading we focus on the 7 main chakra's. Each of them corresponds with a specific area in your body, health and beliefs. It's a great way to get more insight and guidance in certain blocks, getting confirmation and clarity. Besides guidance from each chakra you receive a general (overall) message.
45 minutes | Pricing €70

(*pricing mentioned is without discount)

Rainbow Reading

WANTS - NEEDS - DESIRES - Personal consult in which we take a closer look into your wishes, dreams and desires. What does it take to achieve your dreams? What are the obstacles to overcome, what is the positive force within you and what will help you get where you want to be. These consults are a combination of spiritual coaching with guidance from your guides. You will receive part of this consult in text with visuals (oracle/tarot cards).
45 minutes- Pricing €90

(*pricing mentioned is without discount)

readings and channeling

Guided Messages (1-on-1 consults)

Oracle, Tarot, Channeling - These consults can give you guidance, clarity and some insight in the current phases of your life. Every message shared is personal and loving. Besides working with cards as a (visual) tool I channel during our session for guided messages of your guides. You can come to this session blank, without questions. But you can also ask for some insight in career, relations, conflicts, etc.
30 minutes | 60 minutes | Bundle 3x30 or 3x60min - Pricing starts at €40*

(*pricing mentioned is without discount)

1 month, 4 readings

1 Month - 4 Consults (1x4)

A powerful month in which you get, for 4 weeks, every week a personal reading with channeled messages of spirit. You receive loving reminders and insights from spirit to the current situations that are on your mind and that you want some clarity on. This is a very powerful tool that can help you find your way in life. So, are you ready for your power month?

30 minutes | 60 minutes - Pricing starts at €140

(*pricing mentioned is without discount)


What has 2021 in store for you?

What has 2022 in store for you?

YEAR READING - Gain awareness, clarity and confidence as you move forward in 2022. Together we explore what this (new) year holds for you with loving messages of you Spiritual Team of Badasses. During this session it’s not about predicting the year but shining some light and awareness on your path that help you through the months. Curious what theme’s and shifts will take place for you this year? Book your 5-card or 13-card session here.
5-card spread: health, career, love/relationship(s), spiritual + overall theme (general)*
13-card spread: 1 card per month + 1 general*
*After our session you'll receive your year reading in your mailbox too.

(*pricing mentioned is without discount)

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