Year Reading with Intuitive Messages | 13-cards


1 card per month + 1 general
45-minutes session

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What has this year in store for you?
13 cards – 1 for each month & 1 general
45-minutes session

Gain awareness, clarity and confidence as you move forward in 2021.
Together we explore what this new year holds for you with loving messages of you Spiritual Team of Badasses.
These sessions hold useful and empowering messages.

With a year spread it’s not about predicting the year but shining some light and awareness on your path that help you through the coming months. Curious what theme’s and shifts will take place for you this year?

13-card spread = individual card & intuitive messages per month + 1 general. (45-minute session)

At the end of the session you’ll get the cardspread send to you by email.