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A podcast (or spirit cast) about anything and everything spiritual, dreams & experiences, out-of-the-box subjects, the paranormal and spiritual & personal growth.

Wild Spirit Talk is an informative podcast with a wide range of topics and guests. Ranging from Intuitive artists to talks with and about mediums and from the healing power of colors to talks about high sensitive children. We have it all. This is a safe space in which we talk about real experiences, your spiritual team of badasses and so much more.

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NEW – Welcome to The World of Dreams & Messages
 In this first episode, I share a dream I had a while ago that reminded me of something I deep down already knew but needed some strengthening in my beliefs. This dream has a 2-sided message. I’m curious to hear what speaks to you.

Inner Strength & Spirit – Dreams & Messages

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Soon the next  podcast will be made available. But till then, have this ticking clock to keep you company.

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        Nienke, I loved your podcast! It really hit home for me and definitely gave me strength!!
        Thank you so much for this and thank you Spiritual Team of BADASSES
        Ep.1 - Dreams & Messages
        Inner Strength & Spirit
        Karin: I Loved your podcast Nienke! And I want more!
        Martina: Yes exactly we want more!!!!!!!
        Karin & Martina
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        Love your Wild Spirit Talk layout.
        Can Not wait to hear or even participate in a podcast.
        A Spiritual Soul
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