burning ceremony

New Moon Burning Ceremony

This is a simple burning ceremony you can do in the night of the New Moon (and the day after). It holds space for release and invocation for manifestation. What do you want to welcome or strengthen in your life?


Make room on your altar, create a new altar or just find a place and surround yourself with the things that you find fitting for this New Moon Burning ceremony. Just make sure that you are in a room where it is safe to burn your papers. And of course, you can also sit outside. Just don’t create a wildfire.

STEP 2 – GROUND YOUR ASS (just kidding)

Clear your mind from the everyday rush and ground yourself with the earth. Or whatever it is you do to ground yourself. Just make sure that your mind and body are calm and your surrounding is quiet and peaceful enough to do the ceremony. You can find a 5-minute grounding audio here: Grounding 101 – Connecting with the Earth


Use two papers (release & invocation) or write everything you want to release and welcome into your life on separate pieces of paper. In this example we will just use two papers.

– What things, people, situations no longer serve you?
– What is it that you want to release?

Great! You are halfway, almost there. Now write down what you want to welcome into your life or that you want more of.

– What do you welcome in your life?
– What do you want more of or you want to strengthen?


Further down you will find an example I use for the burn ceremony. Use it when it speaks to you or let it be inspiration to create your own version.

Alright, do you have a place or a cauldron? Or a plate, pan, pot in which you can safely burn your papers? Good! Is your heart open? Are you still grounded? Perfect! Grab your writings with the things you want to release and light it (or hold it in a candle flame for a moment) and say your incantation for release:

Dear Universe [Source, Moon or…fill in],
I hereby release that what no longer serves me.
I willingly release by showing gratitude.
Thank you, for the lessons learned.
They opened my eyes, opened my heart and enlightened my soul.
They  are  wisdom and I thank you.
Now it’s time to let go.
What has been and no longer serves, I release.
It is done, it is done, it is done.
Thank you.

Take a deep breath. You are doing great!


Below you find two options for invocation for what you want to manifest. See which one speaks to you or use it as inspiration to create your own version.

Same as before. Take a deep breath and when you are ready grab the list (or papers) with what you welcome into your life or you want to strengthen in your life. Light the list and say:

Option 1:

Dear Universe [Source, Moon or…fill in],
I invoke the energy of the new moon and of the flame,
to fuel these written intentions which start out as seeds.
Let them grow in prosperity and come to maturity,
in a way that is and serves me in the best and highest good.
It is done, it is done, it is done.
Thank you.

Or option 2:

Dear Universe [Source or…fill in],
I invoke the energy of the new moon and of the flame,
to fuel my intentions for manifesting,
if that is and serves me in the my best and highest good.
Let it open my eyes, open my heart and enlighten my soul.
So shall it be.
It is done, it is done, it is done.
Thank you.

Now take a deep breath and celebrate You did it!


When you want to clean up the ashes of the papers you can let the wind carry it away for you or wash the remains away with water. See what feels best for you. But first, celebrate and enjoy that beautiful moon.

Over time, I will post several option of New Moon Rituals/Ceremonies in the Your Spiritual Team of Badasses Group on Facebook.

If you want to work with the new moon energy see what feels good and right to you and try it out. Let this be your new thing for this new moon cycle.