What about the New Moon energy

The New Moon Energy

There is a lot about the energy of the full moon but today I’m going to tell you a little about the energy of the New Moon and how you can make use of that energy in your life.

Let’s start with the beginning…

The New Moon represents a new lunar cycle (which lasts about 3 days). In this time you typically set the tone for a new cycle in your life. So this energy is great for starting something new and set intentions or goals you want to manifest. And that is why many people around this time set their new intentions (or strengthen), set up an altar (or change them), say a prayer in what they want to manifest, light a candle asking for extra healing and light on their endeavors/certain areas of their life or start a new project.

And yes, there can be some side effects of this new moon energy.


If you are sensitive to the new moon energy you can experience a bit more tiredness than usual. And even some headaches, flu like symptoms, heart flutter, bad sleep, feel a bit different than normal and so on.


The Full Moon is about completion, the harvest, the end of a cycle. This is the time where you decide if you want to keep working on your intentions or if you are ready to let them go or adjust them. You look back, reflect, celebrate and make room for the new.

The New Moon is more about New Beginnings, a reset. This energy is about starting something new in your life. New intentions, affirmations you want to work on during the phases of the moon, start that new workshop or project.


It can really help you with a sense of direction, balance and being more grounded in your life by setting those goals and intentions you want to manifest.


Over time, I will post several option of New Moon Rituals/Ceremonies in the Your Spiritual Team of Badasses Group on Facebook. Below are just a few simple options. No matter what moon ritual or ceremony you are doing always close with giving thanks and gratitude toward the moon.

  •  Set your goals & intentions: you can set them in a form of a prayer, mention them to the new moon while looking at the moon (or visualize). But you can also write them down. You can write down/set your intentions & goals for what you want to manifest in life. Just make sure that the intentions are clear, loving and in your highest and best good. And reflect back on them during the full moon. Always end your ritual or ceremony while giving thanks to the moon.
  • Light a candle: light a candle when the new moon is out and look in the flame. Mention (in your mindseye or out loud) in which areas of your life you need a bit more light/shine. But you full conviction in it, repeat as many times as feels right. End with expressing your gratitude towards the moon and the flame. There are many more options you can do with the candle during the new moon but I’m keeping it simple for now.
  • Salt-bath: while the new moon is out, take a salt bath (fully or just your feet) for clearing, healing & new beginnings. You can even add some oils & flowers. Visualize being cleansed while taking this bath and when it feels right, welcome in healing from your Spiritual Team.
  • Rearranging or set a sacred space/altar: make room for a new altar or rearrange your current one for the new lunar cycle. This is to invite in the new moon energy but also if you wish to honor your guides, guards, ancestors, angels, or any of your other Spiritual Team of Badasses you want to work with during this new cycle.
      • So your altar/sacred space with sacred object such as pictures, stones, statues, crystals can change every month depending on your intentions & affirmations.
  • Setting positive beliefs & affirmations: make a list of affirmations, when the moon is out, that you want to take with you/work on in this new cycle. You can place this list on your altar,  in your journal or anywhere that feels right to you. Few examples of an affirmation:
      • I am strong
      • I have a voice
      • It is safe to express myself
      • Just set out who you want to be and embody

Over time, I will post several option of New Moon Rituals/Ceremonies in the Your Spiritual Team of Badasses Group on Facebook. Above are just a few simple options.

If you want to work with the new moon energy see what feels good and right to you and try it out. Let this be your new thing for this new moon cycle.