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From fear of failure back to joy

I had to take it a bit slower but it’s still very much on it’s way. The publication suddenly started to freak me out in how to self-publish on Amazon. The steps you need to go through and the not knowing, seemed to get bigger and bigger in my mind. So, naturally I made a simple children’ book first, to figure out the process and published it on Amazon. If you think, how in the world did you get from here to there?!, you are not the only one. I sometimes amaze myself in my warped thinking.
All in all, it turns out that fear of failure combined with the pressure I put on myself and the moon journal is not a good combo. While I was trying to take some of that pressure away, by walking through the self-publishing process, I rediscovered the joy I first felt in making the moon journal. The same feeling I was now experiencing while making the children’s book. No pressure, just fun during the whole process.
In other words, it was never about the how but had everything to do with my fears and confidence. It took me a children’s book to see what was actually going on. I’m aware of it now. And you know what? I am allowed to fail, I am allowed to succeed, I am allowed to learn.
So, the Moon Journal is back on track!
Funny side note, all these realizations went hand-in-hand with the moon phases I was working on in the journal. Didn’t notice it till after the aha-moment.🤣


First of all, I always wanted to try it out, it’s been on my bucket list for quite some time. And second, at the time it seemed the easiest and the fastest way to get to know the whole Amazon publication process. Since I’m pretty handy with a computer I thought why not. So, I made a simple ABC Children’s book and uploaded it. Together with 5 other things (password notebooks). I got a bit sidetracked at some point because it was so much fun to make and so easy to put online haha..

So that’s the update, sometimes you run into self imposed roadblocks. But things are back on track, setting the intention it’s done, on my website and online store before the end of June.

Last thing, haven’t decided yet on the front cover. Did narrow it down to these 2 options. What’s your choice?

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