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My Journey

Over the years I have seen and learned a lot. All the lessons, the jobs I had, the people I met have led me to this: working as a spiritual practitioner. From a young age I’ve been interested in spiritual work but never fully committed. Until a few years ago.

Since 2017 I’ve been working with spiritual entrepreneurs as a business coach. I so love seeing the passion and the light they exuded when they speak about their work and dreams. But, even though I love meeting all these wonderful people and love the work I do, there was always something gnawing at me telling me I should be on the opposite side of the table. I felt the excitement of having my own practice as a medium or channeler but my insecurities kept taking over. Thoughts of not being good enough, and fear for the judgement from those I love, kept me in the spiritual closet.

I sometimes look back at these moments and wonder in fun amusement how I didn’t see it. I had already devoured so many books, talked to so many spiritual practitioners (healers, mediums, sjamans, light/energy workers, etc.), followed by numerous workshops and courses. I did so many ‘free’ consults with cards, family constellations, shamanic journey’s and still! I still felt a lack in knowledge, confidence and experience.”

Early 2018 my doubts about starting my own spiritual practice and taking steps towards it got laid to rest after following yet another workshop. This time, it was about your astrological birth chart, your blueprint from birth and the roles each planet plays in your life. Among the things the astrologist told me during that workshop was that I already learned everything that I needed to know (I still very much doubt that) about the spirit world & working with spirit, in previous lives. And in this life time, I was meant to learn structure and creating oversight. Since my (first) business is all about that I was, according to her, on the right path with that and was to continue doing this. Just by looking at my chart she said she would hire me on the spot as a business coach but as nothing else. It felt like I got slapped in the face. I managed to ask some questions as what if you’ve learned that lesson? And told her that I was thinking about learning and working more with spirit and was thinking of eventually starting my own practice with that. But again, she said that in this life, for me, I was not to explore any spiritual practices or do anything in that direction privately or career wise.

And for a moment…, I believed her.

I believed her until… I noticed every fiber within me had started to react. Emotions flared up, my body tensed up, I wanted to leave and scream some guttural sounds. Everything within seemed to rebel against those words she had just spoken. And then I started to hear the words, she is wrong. That’s not what the chart says! Next, all my doubts got blown away with the affirmations I started to say in my head. I am going to do this. I am meant for this in this life time. I am going to start my spiritual practice. The way that this all resonated was something I never felt before. I had just made a decision in full confidence, after a year of doubt, without knowing how and what it is that I’ll be doing. I just knew it would happen, and that it would be an adventure. There was no doubt anymore that I belonged on the other side of the table. I am meant for this.

Best workshop ever!

There were a couple defining moments that let me to where I am today. Among them were a burnout, quitting my well-payed job, saying no to a certain opinion and the obligated rest & reflect time after a nasty fall. All this, all these challenges have helped me to remember and find the person I always aspired to be, with my very own practice as an energy worker and intuitive coach.

Final and last text will follow soon.

Some awesome text is waiting to be written down here. Please have some patience  with me while i’m working on this page. Writing about myself is not my strong suit.
 Some awesome text is waiting to be written down here. Some awesome text is waiting to be written down here. Some awesome text is waiting to be written down here.

Messages from Collegues

I have come across a lot of gifted energy & light workers. Some told me years ago I should do something in this line of work. Back then I wasn’t ready.
But trust me, I am ready now.

” Almost 10 years ago i told her she was a shaman and gifted medium. Back then she laughed and brushed it off. Now I’m the one laughing while telling her
I told you so! “

Christine Sweet

Shaman, NLP-Coach/Trainer, ♫ Artist

” Where do I start, Nienke is an absolute pure Gem in a sea of so many coaches, healers, medium & channelers. She is a natural when it comes to, helping others find the answers that already lie inside of them. Honesty is the key she’s holding in her hands, that she shares in the highest and loving way. Not only are her messages exactly what u need at the moment, its fun to just be able to connect with her because you will get a step closer to finding yourself.
Forever grateful for her ❤️❤️💛💛❤️❤️.  “

Martina Currin

Artist & Intuitive Healer

Lessons learned over the Years

Certifications & Experiences

I’m certified in channeling, healing, mediumship, systemic works (constellations) and as a
NLP & High Performance Coach.

Over the years I have seen and learned a lot. All the lessons, the jobs I had in between, the people I met led me to this: working as a spiritual practitioner.

My base knowledge lies in
Social Work (Hanze college) and Psychology (RuG (University)). Even though my Psychology studies were much to my liking and very diverse, I kept missing more of the practical side of it. That realization took place while working on one of my hobbies (singing) and came in contact with Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). This was what I missed all those years! Practical techniques and exercises that helps a client in a short-time span with life lasting effects. So, in the last year of my Bachelors I quit my studies and took the knowledge I learned to a study in NLP and High Performance Coaching (Christine Sweet) and Shamanic Techniques as Soul Retrieval. After completion I did an introduction to Systemic Coaching. This was very much to my liking and was soon followed with a study in Systemic works: Family, Career and Organization constellations (Loeloe Andriol). A few years later, I got an opportunity that was too good to pass, right after making the decision/commitment that my 2nd business as a spiritual worker was really going to happen. I got that last push and enrolled with the Angel Alchemy Academy (Corin Grillo).

You are welcome to discover more about my certifications and education path here on LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/nienke-van-der-wildt

Experiences – Besides knowledge in stressors and burnouts I got to know them very well personally. In 2015, while I was still employed, I eventually had to quit my job because of a burnout. It was not the best period of my life, but in hindsight one of the best experiences I could have asked for in life lessons. It reminded me that I had to place the focus back onto myself, that following your passion needs balance too, that listening to your own body is so important and especially; you can’t change someone (friends, family, corporations, organizations, etc.). You can only change yourself and how you are in a certain situation: Give the right example and inspire change.

Please go to the top of the page if you want to read about my journey with the spirit world.

You are welcome to discover more about my certifications, education path & experiences  here on LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/nienke-van-der-wildt

Business Coach for Spiritual Practitioners.

Before I started Wild Spirit Energy I worked (and still am) as a business coach for spiritual practitioners. Everything I did there, from coaching, mentoring and advice giving, it was all preparation for the work I’m doing now. I learned a lot from my clients and their line of work, some worked with Dragons, Orishas, Angels, are Shamans and so much more. I can’t thank them enough for inviting me into their magical world.

In the near future, I will bring some of those business coaching skills and services this way.

Need Advice?

Are you searching for something that’s not mentioned on this website? Just send me a message, who knows … I might still be able to help you or give you some advice on where (or who) to go to.

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