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Guided Messages

Clarity & Insight

Guided messages can give you some clarity and insight in the current phases of your life. The messages are always personal and loving. You can choose between a regular reading, month or a rainbow reading in which we take a closer look into your wishes, dreams and desires.

14 Days to Joy

A Guide to Manifest more Joy

Release some of the old, welcoming in the new and become more aware of the beautiful person you are in the here and now. And thus, clearing, healing and strengthening your path towards more Joy into your life.
meditations – community – joy

Gift cards

Give a gift of insight

Not sure what to gift someone or do you think someone would really benefit from an insightful reading or healing?
Gift them a Rainbow reading or a 30 minutes/60 minutes gift card which they can exchange for a session of their choosing

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Oracle Sunday/Full Moon Guidance – 1-2x a month free group readings. These live events take place in a free private group on Facebook Your Spiritual Team of Badasses and at other times on Zoom or YouTube. Be always in the loop and talk about all things spiritual in our community here and see what messages Spirit has for you.

” Where do I start, Nienke is an absolute pure Gem in a sea of so many coaches, healers, medium & channelers. She is a natural when it comes to, helping others find the answers that already lie inside of you. Honesty is the key she’s holding in her hands, that she shares in the highest and loving way. Not only are her messages exactly what you need at that moment, it’s fun to just be able to connect with her, because you will get a step closer to finding yourself.
Forever grateful for her.

Martina - Radcliff, USA

I just want to give big thanks and gratitude for the angel reading you provided me and for the insights that you brought forward. I felt a connection with you while watching you do a group reading and had to schedule an individual session. You have a bright light and kind and gentle spirit that made the reading less intimidating for me. I feel energized and better now that I have more confirmation that I’m on the right road.
Many thanks!!!
I highly recommend you.

Jessie - Florida, USA

My Journey

After years of feeling unfulfilled, thinking and asking myself and the universe what the *bleep* I’m supposed to do with my life, I figured it out. I just had to stop, open my heart, listen, take care of myself and let some of my stubbornness and insecurities go…. Oh… was that all?  And not to mention get out of that spiritual closet.

The more I work with spirit, the easier it all seems to get and the more my life feels in harmony with my heart’s desire. So, after a long road in mustering up the courage and going flat on my face (literally & figuratively) and back up again, we are finally here! Welcome at Wild Spirit Energy.

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